6 Fun Facts About Technology You Should Know!

We’re living in a fast-paced tech-driven world. And it’s nothing less than fascinating. Humans have done wonders with technology in the past few decades. From Big Data and IoT to mobile applications and AI, technology has made our lives far more convenient than one can imagine. And it’s safe to say this isn’t the end of the technological evolution. The resources and tools we have access to in today’s time are designed to simplify our lives, and new innovation is always on the way. The evolution of the beloved tech space will never come to an end.

And what makes the evolution even more interesting is the behind-the-scenes of the tech world – the stories, the tidbits. Listed below are some incredible facts about technology that will make you go ‘wow!’. Read ahead to discover some super interesting facts!

  • The world’s first computer was powered by water

Vladimir SergeevichLukyanov, the mastermind behind the first-ever computer built in the 1930s, designed the machine to solve differential equations. Vladimir was working with a construction company that struggled a lot with the cracks in the concrete caused by the cold winter temperatures. To understand the temperature conditions, Vladimir began his research on thermal processes. Then finally, the first-ever water-powered machine was built to visualize thermal processes and plot graphs.

Most educational institutes, agricultural powerhouses, manufacturing plants, and research organizations went on to use water computers until the late 1900s.

  • QWERTY keyboard was meant to slow typing

Some jobs require you to have a good writing speed on a keyboard or a typewriter. Most of the time, it’s a competitive advantage to have. But how many of you know that the QWERTY keyboard that we use was originally designed to slow down our typing speed. The current layout of the popular keyboard style was made as a solution to a problem. The typewriters originally made in the early 1870s came with several technical issues like the keys would jam if they were pressed too hard when typing fast, or the metal arms would clash together, or the adjacent keys would get stuck when pressed simultaneously.

These recurring issues drove Christopher Latham Sholes to make alterations to the design of the keyboard layout. The current layout that everyone in the world uses was designed to combat the problems of jammed keys and clashes.

  • The Deep Web hosts more content than the surface internet

The internet is full of unexplored and interesting content. A simple Google search is all it takes to unravel a wholenew world of undiscovered content. A good and reliable internet connection like SuddenlinkInternet is all you need to unlock a whole new world of information. Get in touch with Suddenlink customer service to find affordable plans and bundles in your area, and explore the Deep Web for content 400 times bigger than what exists on the internet surface!

The Deep Web is part of the internet, which includes content that isn’t indexed by search engines. This means the data on the Deep Web cannot be accessed normally with web search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. An approximate 4.5 million sites are indexed by the standard web search engines currently.

  • Thousands of bots manage and maintain Wikipedia

You must have come across a Wikipedia page at least once in your life. And you must also be aware that the information you find on Wikipedia is sourced, created, and edited by the public? But were you aware of the fact that the information on the platform is maintained by automated bots? From creating new pages and checking for spelling errors to correcting the layout and style, bots are required to carry out hundreds and thousands of tasks to maintain the quality of Wikipedia pages.

  • Google was auctioned in 1999

Did you know the most-used search engine in the world was up for sale in 1999, for only $750,000! Today, the value of google stands around $700 billion. It was about to be sold to Excite but the deal fell apart since Excite wasn’t ready to replace its search technology with Google’s, and George Bell, the CEO of Excite wasn’t happy with how popular Google’s search algorithm’s performance was, as he didn’t want Excite’s webpages to be overshadowed.

  • 5 MB of data was equal to a ton

The RAMAC was the first computer created with a hard drive and it was launched by IBM in 1956. The computer used a moving head on a magnetic disc to write data. Since it was hardly the beginning of the digital era, the shift from magnetic tape and punch cards to hard drives was considered quite huge. The 5MB hard drive weighed almost a ton in 1956 and was made of 50 separate 24-inch discs!

To Wrap It Up

These are just a few facts that make the technology even more interesting! You’ll be surprised to know how many more interesting stories and fun tidbits there are about the tech world.The tech space is fascinating and it only keeps surprising us with endless innovation and possibilities.These fun facts will have you wondering more about the amazing tech space, so why not do your research and immerse in a world full of unexplored knowledge!

Elizabeth Bookout

Elizabeth Bookout