How Do You Arrange a Hand Bouquet?

Talking about flowers, this God’s creature is not only perfect for gardening purposes, but also for romantic purposes where they are perfect to be a part of gift ideas. That’s why you can see them at any of the florists in your town. There are several specific purposes when it comes to flower bouquets, when the one that is crafted in big size, consists of several flower species is suitable for many occasions for example, as a get well soon hamper, the tiny-sized flower bouquet is well-known as the wedding companion. Later, people call it a hand bouquet.

History of hand bouquet

Hand bouquets have been a part of wedding items for years, since decades ago. Not only in terms of bridal clothing where brides usually bring it in their hands when they’re heading to a wedding altar, this beautiful bouquet, according to history, was used to ward off evil spirits at the first time it was discovered.

At that time, a bouquet did not consist of flower petals, for example, roses, lilies, tulips, and many other species we know nowadays, but spices instead. As the era changed, a hand-bouquet that previously appeared with spices on it was being replaced by flower petals especially in the Romans and Greeks era where flowers took part as an important thing in any wedding. They preferred flowers to be placed in the bride’s hair since they symbolized life and fertility.

Thanks to the Romans and Greeks era for bringing flowers to their best place instead of only planting them in the garden, so today, we’re not strange to see them in a wedding as a wedding decoration or even the bride companion.

Types of hand bouquet

The migration of the using of spices that being replaced with flowers may occur in the Romans and Greeks era, but it wasn’t quite popular at that time until the Queen of England increased hand-tied bouquet popularity. The trend began in the Victorian era that later made several changes to these wedding accessories.

If you thought the hand-tied wedding bouquet consists of one type only, you thought wrong. Starting in the Victorian era, the bouquet of flowers that used to accompany the bride has experienced several changement. Here we will tell you what are types of hand-tied bouquets.

  1. Cascade

This type has been popular for years. A fun fact about Cascade is that Lady Diana wore it at her wedding, named the Royal Wedding that stole everyone’s attention all around the world back then. Cascade consists of a flower bouquet that has a rounded shape above and is pointed at the bottom, making it suitable for various wedding concepts, both indoor or outdoor.

  1. Pomander

Do you know that not only bride that needs a hand-tied bouquet on their big day, but also the bridesmaid? A pomander, or many people call it a tote hand bouquet, is a flower arrangement that can hand like wearing a bag. It’s great to complete the bridesmaid look.

  1. Rounded

Like its name, this type of wedding accessory that consists of the arranged beautiful flower petals is identical for its rounded shape. Every wedding concept is suitable with this type, either traditional theme or modern theme.

  1. Rustic

Have you ever heard rustic? Rustic refers to one of the wedding concepts that is decent popular nowadays. Many people like this concept. Rustic also takes part as the type of hand-tied bouquet that uses eucalyptus leave as its composition.

DIY hand bouquet, how to arrange it?

We all agree that a hand-tied bouquet is captivating in the eyes. Because of its beautiful appearance, you might wonder it must be hard to craft this thing. However, you also arrange it yourself like a professional.

Here is step by step you need to arrange the beautiful hand bouquet by yourself. Come check it out!

  1. Provide items you needed

To arrange a hand-tied bouquet, either for a wedding or another occasion, you need to start with providing the items, such as sharp scissors, strings, ribbon, brown paper, and the flower petals themselves.

  1. Cut the stems

First, cut the stems of the flowers about one inch. Cut them similar to each other to make it easier for you to arrange the bouquet.

  1. Insert then twist the flowers

Want to use more than one flower species to arrange the bouquet? Don’t skip this step. To highlight one type you think is the most beautiful, apply the ‘insert then twist’ technique by adding the flower in the center of your hand, then start to surround the different species of the first flower.

  1. Adjust the stems once it’s done

After applying the “insert then twist” technique, adjust the stems of flowers to make sure they are all in the same cuts.

  1. Tie off the bouquet with string

The most necessary part if you want to craft the hand-tied bouquet by yourself is to strengthen them. For this, you can tie off the stems with strings that you already prepared earlier.

  1. Wrap it with brown paper

The process is nearly done! Now, wrap the bouquet with brown paper. You can also use a different color of paper, based on your reference. Cut two pieces of paper into rectangles, then fold the bouquet by it using the “zig-zag” technique.

  1. Don’t forget to put the ribbon as the final touches

Now that you’ve successfully arranged this beautiful thing, don’t forget to put the ribbon as the final touches. Ensure not to squeeze too tight.