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Many people are intrigued by the versatility of meat rubs. While it can add an incredible amount of flavor to meat, it’s also good to know how to make them at home. The three most common ingredients are salt, pepper, and garlic. A good rub is made by mixing equal parts of these three ingredients. […]

The humble beginnings of the baked potato. To a couple, it’s a clear side dish, while to others it’s a dining experience in itself when assigned with liberal trimmings. Regardless, warmed potatoes are affordable and a solid strategy to add take to the plate. Whether or not you’re endeavoring to broaden your food dollar or […]

People have been looking for the best smoker kit ever since the first barbecue I attended. Back then the only way to smoke meat was with a large and very hot metal cylinder that was held over the fire. You either lit the cylinder or held it over the fire until the meat on the […]

It is a good idea to check out the various websites for the best folding grills. It is not that difficult to find such a website these days. These websites are mostly frequented by those who are planning to purchase one of these grills. The users then get a chance to compare different models and […]