Tips for Choosing a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Many people struggle with hair loss, either due to aging or medical conditions. A hair transplant is a surgical method that moves hair from one part of the body for replanting in a bald or thinning area. Other hair loss treatments may not give long-lasting results, so people have turned to hair transplants to provide a permanent effect. However, the challenge comes when choosing the best hair transplant specialist in Lakewood Ranch to access and determine the method that fits you. Here are the tips that will guide you to get a reliable surgeon for a hair transplant.

Certification of the surgeon

Apart from education qualifications, your surgeon should have a license. Medical boards license to ensure specialists maintain and improve medical practices’ standards. You can request your surgeon to provide support or check on the website. The certification proves your surgeon has the required skills to carry out a hair transplant. It is also proof that the surgeon has not been involved in any malpractice.

Consultation appointment

A consultation appointment is crucial because you meet and interact with your surgeon. The surgeon will get to expound on all procedures you will go through. The specialist will also access your hair to evaluate the problem and determine the appropriate treatment. Take that opportunity to explain any medical condition you have, diet, and lifestyle habits. Giving details about yourself helps the surgeon determine the hair transplant that fits you best.


Always check for a surgeon with more experience with successful operations. Experience helps the specialist gain familiarity with handling patients with different disorders. You will gain confidence that the surgeon will handle your case effectively. It is essential to check surgeons’ experience over the past years and keep up with the advancing hair restoration procedure.


You gain trust in a surgeon if you get testimonials from a friend, relative, or colleague. You can get a recommendation from someone you know who has gone through successful hair restoration by a reliable specialist. With different opinions, you can select the most recommended specialist that fits your needs. Make sure you check other qualifications to add to that.

Cost of services

Competition has become a critical factor in almost every field. You will probably choose the best quality service for any health issue. Do not go for poor services to save on money, compromising your health welfare. Get a surgeon with quality services at a reasonable cost. Compare the prices of different surgeons before making a final decision. Again, ensure the specialist is convenient to avoid too many transport costs.

Checking reviews

Most surgeons will have social media platforms where they interact with their patients. Patients who have had hair transplants will always give their feedback. Although negative comments can be present, you can opt for the surgeon if positive reviews outweigh the negative ones. It is essential to be sure the social platform you are relying on is the real one used by your specific specialist, as cases of fake accounts have become so common.

You can now choose a surgeon to access your hair and determine the best hair transplant that best fits you. Contact Dr. Maag and his Honest Hair Restoration team to schedule your appointment for a hair restoration transplant.