For decades, the social element of consuming recreational cannabis has been in practice. Many social groups share cannabis joints and blunt, using them as a social lubricant to share ideas and enjoy a good time. However, it is essential to know that some ungoverned stoner behaviors facilitate an enjoyable experience. If you are a new cannabis user, you will learn more in this guide about using cannabis in a social setting.

Remember to share

As the good old saying goes, sharing is caring. The sharing element goes way back to the ancient days of illicit weed consumption. If participating in a group cannabis experience, it is also good to bring your share of buds. That way, you can count on a return of the favor when you don’t have some. However, you need to get good-quality weed in the best dispensary in East Denver. That makes it easier to answer questions to do with the potency when your friends ask.

Wait for your turn to smoke.

Do not get greedy with the buds, especially when it comes to smoking in a circle. The general rule of thumb when smoking joints and blunts in a circle is to puff, then pass to the left. Also, it is poor etiquette to blow smoke in someone’s direction. Also, remember that not everyone has the same tolerance effect, so treat your fellow stoners with respect. Know your limits, take it slow and avoid over smoking.

Cleanliness is key

When smoking in a social setting using a pipe or a bong, cleanliness is critical. Ensure you keep the pieces clean by rubbing them with alcohol or vinegar to avoid the transmission of bacteria. You can also use a lighter to burn off the bacteria at the mouthpiece, although that is not completely reliable. Also, it is essential to tell the group if you are sick so that you consume your buds towards the end.

Don’t waste the buds.

When visiting Colorado, you can enjoy a group cannabis experience with joints or blunts. One crucial etiquette is not to waste the buds. You waste the buds when you get blunt, keep on talking, don’t inhale, and don’t pass it on. Keep the joint moving and ensure you tap it on the ashtray as you pass it on.

Cannabis edibles etiquette

If you do not like smoking or dabbing, you can enjoy a group cannabis experience with edibles. When providing cannabis edibles at a social setting or a party, educating your guests about the potency per serving and what to expect is essential. Bear in mind that everyone’s tolerance level is different, so you can provide different servings to allow everyone to choose the best dose.

Remind them that cannabis edibles are processed in the digestive system, so they may take longer to feel the effect. However, the high may last longer and maybe more intense compared to smoking weed. Ensure you all schedule longer, such as 3-8hours, so that you all enjoy the experience together. Be sure to offer non-infused edibles too, and keep the cannabis edibles out of children’s reach.

The final word

Remember, smoking can be harmful to your lungs.

Elizabeth Bookout

Elizabeth Bookout