Here are 6 Possible Reasons for Your Neck Pain

It is normal to experience stiffness in your neck, especially on a busy day. But living with the pain can be a burden you should not bear. West Orange neck pain specialists recommend that you seek medical attention as soon as possible to evaluate the cause of your condition. You can experience neck pain for apparent reasons, while sometimes it could be caused by underlying severe health complications. We must look at some causes of neck pain to enlighten you when trying to understand your situation.

Natural Wear and Tear

As you age, the vertebrae and discs in your neck gradually wear down. You might experience chronic, persistent neck pain with the degeneration. Therefore, age is a significant factor in determining the possible reasons for your neck pain. Other health complications associated with aging like cervical disc degeneration, cervical fractures, and pinched nerves can also contribute to neck pain by causing the neck vertebrae and discs.

Poor Sleeping Posture

If you slept well but woke up feeling pain or stiffness in your neck, shoulders, or back, it could be that you slept in the wrong position. The number of pillows you use, the position you adopt, or the firmness of your mattress can all contribute to your stiffness. Also, sleeping without head support can cause pain in your neck. Therefore, ensure you consult your doctor on the suitable sleeping position you should adopt and the best type of mattress and pillows you should use.

Minor Sprains and Tear

Sometimes, you might not be sure of the cause of your neck pain, especially when a minor sprain or tear has played a part. In most cases, it could be due to a poor posture that you did not realize, or you held your neck out of alignment for a while. This will strain your neck muscles and result in stiffness or pain. Such pain is the most common, and you can experience it at any time of the day. It is most common when you bend forward for several hours over your work.


If you experience a sudden jolt to your neck, you will probably experience neck pain. When your head quickly jolts forward and back to position, the movement is like a crack of a whip. Although such movements are popular with car accidents, they can also occur due to other factors like sporting activities or sudden movements. Recall if you had any such movement to understand if your pain may have resulted from a whiplash.

Rare Causes of Neck Pain

Some severe health complications can cause neck pain but not often. But it is crucial to seek an expert diagnosis for neck pain in advance to ensure such issues are ruled out. This includes infections, bone disorders, damage to the vertebrae, nerves, spinal cord, serious injury, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. Such are less common but can be life-threatening when they are behind your neck pain.

There are numerous possible causes of neck pain since your neck is one of the essential organs in your body and is susceptible to injuries. You can only be sure why your neck is stiff by seeking a professional diagnosis. Get in touch with the neck pain specialists at Pain Center NJ for assistance. You can call us or book your online appointment.