All you should know about hormone replacement therapy

After hitting their 30s, 40s, or 50s, most people might begin experiencing signs of menopause, including feeling tired, old, unmotivated, and depressed. Most don’t know that these symptoms are due to hormonal problems that can be treated using hormone replacement therapy. That’s why Hormone replacement therapy in Plano is managed by specialists who treat and answer questions concerning aging problems. Below is all you need to understand about hormone replacement therapy.

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy refers to a treatment that restores your hormone levels to normal. The best way to return your hormones into a state of balance is by taking custom-made supplements. The hormone specialist therapy in the facility is well known for creating his hormone replacement formulas using bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are typically molecular copies of the natural hormones produced by your body. Therefore, bioidentical hormones are easy for your body to ingest because they are similar to your natural hormones. In most cases, your body usually accepts these bioidentical hormones because they behave like those produced by your body, thus yielding the same benefits as those of your natural hormones.

When might you require hormone replacement therapy?

As one advances in age, you begin noting some negative changes in your body, like feeling grumpy, tired, and run-down. Others feel older than their years, especially after they are in their 30s, 40s, or 50s. In most cases, the main reason among middle-aged people for experiencing negative mental and physical changes is hormone loss. Both men and women begin losing hormones as age progresses, but you cannot live without them because they play essential roles in the body. Therefore, if you have problems with poor sleep, low libido, low energy, poor mental clarity, weight gain, or the physical signs of aging like wrinkles and thin skin affect you, hormone replacement therapy is the best solution to all your concerns.

Benefits of hormone replacement therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy offers various benefits to both men and women as they advance in age, including:

  • Boost libido
  • Weight loss
  • Improved energy
  • Better sleep
  • Depression and anxiety relief
  • Reduced osteoporosis risk
  • Improved bone strength

How does hormone replacement therapy work?

The first step during this treatment is a consultation where you must schedule for either in-office or virtual consultation. During this time, you are supposed to discuss your treatment goals and needs to enable the care provider to decide which hormone replacement therapy and age management medicine plan will suit your needs.

The second step involves you having your blood sample drawn, taken to the lab, and the test results sent to your specialist. This helps the doctor create a special bioidentical replacement hormone for you. He uses the results from blood drawn after one, three, and six months to make adjustments to the formula to ensure it meets your needs. After normal hormonal levels are attained, all you require is blood tests every two years.

Dealing with signs of aging can be quite challenging because most people ignore these signs. However, no need to keep bearing or worrying about some of the signs, including low libido, because hormone replacement therapy is now available. Suppose you are experiencing the named sign of aging and require treatment, book your appointment online or call The Riegel Center today to get started.

Elizabeth Bookout

Elizabeth Bookout