All you need to know about safflower bird seed

If you love to feed birds in the backyard of your house, at any place, then one of the quickly growing bird seeds in the market is safflower bird seed. This kind of bird seed is not so common but now they are entering into the market because of the nutritional value they have. Not only they have good nutritional value for birds, but there are many species of birds which prefer to eat them and they are also loving them. So, if you want your backyard to be filled with different species of birds eating seeds, then this type of bird seed is something that you can easily prefer to purchase. Well as of now there are not so many platforms available that provide you with the safflower birdseed, so you have to be very careful while choosing a platform to purchase it. Well after doing a little bit of research we came to know that one of the best platforms to provide these bird seeds is Little Songbirds. This platform is an online platform that provides you not only safflower bird seeds, but also many different varieties of bird seeds. The event charges no shipping cost and there is not any particular minimum amount for which you can order. So in a way they are very user-friendly and make sure that your birds get good quality seeds. Well, in this article we will learn about safflower seeds. 

Safflower Seeds

Carthamus tinctorius, a safflower herb is known as safflower seeds. They hae beautiful red, orange, and yellow blossoms that can make a garden look much more beautiful and elegant. So, they are also present in many gardens because of their colors. There are many countries which farms safflower as one of the crops. This includes India, Mexico, China, United States, Argentina, and Kazakhstan.

How to Distribute Safflower Seed in Your Garden?

Offering safflower seed to backyard birds might be difficult. Birds can take a while to adjust to the new seed, especially when sunflower seed remains accessible. Birds are more likely to try safflower if the two seeds are mixed. You may progressively reduce the number of sunflower seeds inside the mix when they become acclimated to the new seed. Birds will transition to a new variety of birdseed whether other seed mixes, including safflower, are removed.

Advantages of safflower seeds for humans

Well, they not only provide good benefits of health to birds, but they are also beneficial for humans. Some of these health advantages are: 

  • The oil extracted from these seeds have anti-inflammatory effects as well. 
  • It is one of the best sources for getting omega-3 fatty acids, as lipids are beneficial for our memory and hormone balance. 
  • They can also maintain blood sugar levels. 
  • One of the vitamin found in the oil is Vitamin E, which is known to be beneficial for skin. So, these seeds can act beneficial for skin as well. They also maintina cholesterol levels and are also good for heart.