3 Most Interesting Cities in Tennessee (Besides Nashville)

Nashville is the most popular city in Tennessee, and it is also the capital of the state, but there are many other interesting cities in Tennessee that are not as well-known. 

Nashville has been a popular destination for years, with its world-class music scene and culture of creativity. Nashville has a lot to offer, but there are many other exciting places in Tennessee that people often overlook.

Here are three of the top ones that you might want to check out when visiting this state:


Chattanooga is a city in the United States with a population of around 181,000. It is located in Hamilton County, Tennessee and it is considered to be one of the most interesting cities in Tennessee.

There are many reasons why Chattanooga became one of the most interesting cities in Tennessee. For instance, it has a great location with access to many other areas including Atlanta, Knoxville and Nashville. 

It also has a thriving economy with many opportunities for work and education. The city also offers an excellent quality of life including low cost of living, safe neighborhoods and plenty of recreational activities.


This city is known for its rich history and diverse population. Some of the most popular attractions in Knoxville are the Smoky Mountains, The World’s Fair Park, The University of Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium and The Bijou Theatre.

The city has been experiencing a lot of growth recently with its population growing each year. It has a thriving economy that makes it one of the best cities to live in according to Forbes Magazine. 

While it may not be as big as some other places in Tennessee such as Nashville or Memphis, Knoxville has a lot going on for it that makes it an interesting place to visit or live.

Knoxville real estate offers some of the most affordable housing in Tennessee. Plus the city is not too big, but it’s not small either – it has everything that a city needs.


Memphis is a city that has a lot to offer its visitors and residents. It has many historical landmarks and museums, as well as an active music scene. The city also boasts some great nightlife and bars where you can find live music or enjoy a drink with friends after work.

The city is also home to the world-renowned Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, which features exhibits on Memphis music history and blues culture. The museum includes interactive exhibits for kids and adults alike, including a recording studio where visitors can record their own songs and even play them back in the museum!

Memphis is also known for its food scene. You can find all kinds of restaurants here with southern influences or just go to downtown Memphis for some great barbecue and Southern comfort food.

What makes Memphis so interesting? Memphis has something for everyone – from food to music and art to architecture, Memphis has it all.

Experience Something Different

Nashville has an interesting history and a lot of great places to visit. However, it is not the only interesting city in Tennessee. There are many other smaller cities with a rich history and culture that make for worthwhile travel destinations.

Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga – these are all cities worth checking out if you’re considering moving to Tennessee or just planning to visit.