6 Hits and Instagenic Hotels in Banyuwangi

There are many choices of hotels in Banyuwangi, from homestays to luxury resorts. But only a few offer affordable prices, the best views, and of course, Instagramgenic to be used as a photo spot. Here are six hotels in Banyuwangi, our recommendations are hits and instagenic for your reference to Banyuwangi.

  1. DIaloog Banyuwangi

The first hotel is Hotel Dialoog Banyuwangi. One of the four-star hotels in Banyuwangi that you must make as a place to stay. The hotel, which the Alila Group manages, offers a modern and minimalist architectural design. In addition, this hotel also has beautiful and amazing views. This four-star hotel, which is located on the beach, consists of 116 rooms divided into deluxe and suite classes. In addition biggest national park in us, this hotel is also equipped with a beach club that directly faces the exotic Bali Strait for those of you who want to relax while enjoying the view.

2. Blambangan Hotel

The next hotel that is no less hits and is instagenic is Hotel Blambangan. This hotel was originally an old hotel with colonial buildings. However, in 2012, renovations were carried out to become one of the modern hotels in Banyuwangi. This hotel still maintains the character of the original building, namely colonial architecture, but is packed with modern minimalist interiors, creating a simple, clean and green atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

Located opposite Blambangan Park, Hotel Blambangan is right in the middle of Banyuwangi City. Its strategic location gives you a fairly close distance to the business and cultural center in Banyuwangi. Hotel Blambangan offers 8 Deluxe rooms, 16 Superior rooms, a swimming pool, two meeting rooms, and a common area. The hotel also provides breakfast and tea time accompanied by selected local snacks for those who stay here.

3. Jawa Jiwa G-Land

If you want to find a hotel in Banyuwangi with a different feel and experience, Jawa Jiwa G-Land can be the answer. An inn with a glamping concept (glamour camping) is located in the Alas Purwo National Park area, precisely on the edge of Plengkung beach, famous as the best surfing spot. Surrounded by nature that is still very natural, the inn here also has an interesting concept with lots of instagramable photo spots.

Jawa Jiwa G-Land provides luxury tents with complete facilities and comfort for its guests. Staying here makes you feel the perfect tropical getaway. Besides enjoying a different atmosphere, this inn in Banyuwangi also provides exciting activities for guests, such as Bird Safari, Mangrove Cruise, World Class Surfing, and others.

4. Ijen Resort

Next on our list is Ijen Resort and Villas. Another four-star inn is present at Pasucen Randu Agung, Licin, Banyuwangi. If you are a lover of a beautiful and green atmosphere, this hotel will be the right choice for you. A shady view of trees, rice fields, and mountains is presented directly in front of the room. This hotel can be an option for those of you who are looking for peace while staying. Tired of traveling will be paid off with a fantastic view of the countryside. This inn is not far from Pancoran Waterfall, Pakuda Waterfall, Karo Adventure, and Mondoleko Sragi Hill. You can choose several types of rooms, from resorts to villas. Truly the perfect inn to spend time together.

5. El Royale Hotel

The next hotel on our list of recommendations is El Royale Hotel & Resort. This hotel is located on Jalan Raya Banyuwangi-Jember KM 7, Dadapan, Kabat District, Banyuwangi. This hotel with a modern concept still presents the feel of Banyuwangi. You will be provided with 108 rooms and six villas. The types of rooms presented are various, ranging from deluxe rooms, deluxe, deluxe pool views, and osing villas. The supporting facilities are also complete, there is even a swimming pool, spa, gym, ballroom with a capacity of one thousand people and six meeting rooms with a capacity of 700 people.

6. Ketapang Indah Hotel

The last hotel we recommend is Hotel Ketapang Indah. This hotel is located on Jalan Gatot Subroto Km 6. You will be presented with a charming view of the beach. Not only is the view soothing to the eyes, but various facilities are also provided here, including traditional massages, a playground, and also a swimming pool. With a variety of considered complete facilities, this hotel is quite affordable, with a per-night rate of around IDR 450,000.

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