What is helium 10 cerebro? How can you make it work in your favor?

You may look up a product’s Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and then check the keywords associated with it using helium 10 cerebro, which is a reverse ASIN research tool. When researching the items and keywords used by your competitors, the tool can be really helpful. With that knowledge, you may plan to have your product compete for the same keywords they’re using or find chances for keywords your competitors aren’t using.

What benefits does Helium 10 Cerebro offer to Amazon Sellers?

The useful tool Helium 10 Cerebro can help you revamp your Amazon business, enhance sales, and boost profits. You can utilize it as an Amazon seller to:

  • Examine the keyword rankings of your competitors to enhance your product listing.
  • Determine the Best Amazon and Walmart Keywords for Your Product
  • Plan Your Product Launch Campaigns
  • Competition on Price
  • Increase Sales by Improving Your Product Listing’s Position in Search Results
  • Find Your Profitable Product and Capture Your Visitors

You must research your rivals’ tactics to outwit them at their own game by figuring out what keywords they’re employing and gaining an advantage over them. With its wide range of capabilities, Helium 10 Cerebro enables you to analyze and identify what makes a certain competitor’s product unique, then utilize that knowledge to one-up the competition. 

You may access more information with the Helium 10 Cerebro tool than only the precise keywords your rivals are using. To help you determine which keywords or keyword combinations will most likely result in high conversions for your product listing on Amazon and Walmart, it also organizes and ranks those keywords.

Plan Your Product Launches By being aware of the terms that worked and didn’t work for your competitors in advance, you may fine-tune your product launch strategy.

Choose the best strategies for your product launches

Thanks to Helium 10 Cerebro, you may be sure that when it comes time to publish your product on Amazon or Walmart, you’re only employing high-converting keywords or keyword phrases that can draw in or engage your target audience. Making a list of the top-selling or most well-liked products that compete with your brand is one of the unique features of the Cerebro reverse ASIN research tool. Then, in order to directly compete with the best-selling products, you can examine the price strategy of your competitors and set or modify your own product’s pricing.


The objective for an Amazon seller is to rank higher. How do you get there, though? Choosing the appropriate keywords can help your listing stand out from the crowd. To find the keywords that will raise your product’s search ranking and push it to the top of the page, you can make use of Cerebro’s reverse ASIN search capabilities.

Characteristics of Cerebro

The characteristics of Cerebro are always being improved by Helium 10. These additional data columns have recently been added to the reverse ASIN research tool:

  • Fit Type

You may see whether a specific keyword is an Organic Keyword (letter O), Sponsored Keyword (letter S), or an Amazon Recommended Keyword using this (letter A).

  • Suggested Rank on Amazon

This column displays the keyword’s position on Amazon in terms of advertising and keyword ranking.

  • Rank Sponsored

It reveals where in the search results the sponsored ad that uses the keyword is located.

  • Natural Rank

This displays where the ASIN appears in typical organic search results.