Tried and Proven Solutions For Sciatic Nerve Pain

More than 40% of people experience sciatic nerve pain during their lives. However, the big problem is that sciatica often suffers a lot from misdiagnosis. Most people think the situation may be a normal back discomfort. It is vital to visit your Holmdel sciatica expert today to learn more about this condition.

Some of the solutions for managing symptoms of and treating sciatica include:

Stretch regularly

The stretching does not have to be intense, especially considering that the condition inhibits free movement and motion. You can benefit from light stretching, even when watching a television program.

The activity is essential as it can enhance your motion and flexibility while still enhancing strength.

One way of stretching is back lying as you gradually move the knee towards your chest.

Ice or heat

The sciatic nerve is positioned deeply within your leg and rear end. So, it may be difficult for the effects of heat or ice to reach the surface where the pain emanates.

Still, applying heat (10 minutes every hour) may help alleviate pain in an area and promote blood passage and recovery. On the other hand, ice (used after every 10 minutes) assists in inflammation reduction.

To avoid harming your skin, use a cloth when applying heat or ice to a body area.


If you have chronic back pain and practice yoga for around three months, it should not surprise you that you start benefiting from improvements.

Yoga is vital as it assists in the strengthening of your muscles and improvement of flexibility. Therefore, it becomes easier to perform better and move.


With this approach, thin needles are inserted into the body at different essential locations. The treatment has been in use for centuries by the Chinese for pain treatment and boosting general wellness and management of depression and stress.

When needles are inserted into your body, there is the release of chemicals such as endorphins, known for doing away with pain.

Chiropractic care

The therapy has a high chance of delivering like surgery to correct sciatic nerve pain. Spinal manipulation can be applied in different ways.

For example, a machine can be relied upon for directing sound waves into the body tissues causing the pain. Manual handling may also be utilized to achieve appropriate spine alignment and reduce the pressure exerted by the sciatic nerve.


You should only choose this particular method if other non-invasive treatment options are unsuccessful after more than six weeks. The affected disc is eliminated with surgery, leaving behind only the non-problematic, healthy parts. Once you have had surgery, do not engage in strenuous physical activities like lifting.

You are sure to profit from a substantial reduction in pain that can last for more than five years.

When relying on any of the mechanisms for managing or eliminating sciatic nerve pain, it may be helpful to also use medications for relieving pain and relaxing muscles.

Sciatica can frustrate you, mainly when it is painful. Therefore, feel free to contact or visit Gramercy Pain Center.