Plumbing is a system for transporting liquids for a variety of purposes. Plumbing is done with the help of pipes, valves, plumbing attachments, liquid tanks, and other equipment to convey fluids. Heating and cooling (HVAC), transferring removal, and potable water delivery are among the most ordinary plumbing uses, but they are never limited to these applications. The phrase is derived from the Latin word plumber, which means “lead pipe,” as lead pipes were the first functional pipes used in the late Roman era.

Plumbing work is defined as the fitting, maintenance, addition, alteration, or removal of piping, fittings, equipment, and trappings in connection.

The Three Major Parts of Your Plumbing System 

While there are many discrete parts in your plumbing system, it’s easy to break it down into three primary systems: your water supply, water heating, and drainage.

A few significant types of plumbing systems or subsystems are:

  • Fresh cold and hot tap water supply.
  • Discharge systems and septic systems with or without hot water heat recycling and Gray water recovery and care systems.
  • Rainwater, surface water, and subsurface water drainage.
  • Hydronics is heating and cooling composition using water to convey thermal energy, as in local heating systems.

Why is plumbing essential to us?

Plumbing is as essential to your residential or commercial building as oxygen is to humans. Plumbing services make sure that water comes in and out of your house accurately. But plumbing is widely connected with water-related services, but that is not all that it concerns to- plumbing includes fittings and maintenance of heating systems, water heaters, washing machines, and many more. 

A damaged pipe or leakage in pipe means excess moisture inside the residency, which can help mould and fungus to grow. A blocked toilet or sink can be hectic with your daily routine tasks. So, to take care that your household is working properly and maintaining plumbing systems, you need to get them checked every month.


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