Lifestyle Changes to Keep You Safe from Hernias

Hernias are very common in Astoria, New York, but they can be hard to talk about. It conjures up images of surgery, pain, and discomfort. And it’s not just the sufferers who experience these things – friends and family members do too. Thankfully there are ways you can avoid getting a hernia in the first place or at least minimize your risk of developing one later on down the line. However, seek guidance from a hernia surgeon in Astoria, NY.

Avoid Strenuous Physical Activity

Hernias are most common amongst manual laborers and obese people, but anyone can get one. So if you’re not leading a particularly active lifestyle, there’s no guarantee that you’ll escape hernia-free. 

However, if you find yourself on the more passive side of life (even during periods when you used to exercise regularly), it’s essential to monitor how your body reacts. If you feel any discomfort, stop what you’re doing right away.

Exercise Proper Technique

Maintaining proper technique is one of the most effective ways to avoid getting injured while performing strenuous activities. So no matter what type of workout regimen you choose (or if you change things up frequently), make sure you’re in control of your body. Instead of allowing momentum to take over during movements, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Kick the Bad Habits

Smoking is a significant risk factor for hernias (and other types of serious illnesses). Nicotine and other chemicals found in cigarettes can weaken tissue and cause tears. In addition, the habit itself encourages unnatural bodily movements that can lead to injuries. So switch over to vaping or quit altogether. You’ll feel better for it in more ways than one!

Control Your Waistline

Many men suffer from hernias after gaining weight around their midsection. Meanwhile, women are most likely to develop them during or after pregnancy (when they retain extra fluids). Regardless of the reason, adding inches around your waistline increases your risk of these health issues. So if you’ve noticed a slight bulge in recent weeks, make sure you look after yourself by working out, watching what you eat (avoid sugar!), and drinking plenty of water.

Avoid Straining 

Whether you’re trying to lift a heavy box or move your couch, you must use the proper technique. Otherwise, you might end up bending and twisting in ways that make it easier for your tissue to tear and hernia to form (especially if there happens to be pressure on your abdomen). So always make sure you’re “pre-loading” (lifting with your legs and hips rather than lower back and thighs), and avoid the temptation to strain.

Adopt Good Movement Habits

We might not realize it, but our bodies go through many daily movements. From bending down to pick something up off the floor to typing on a computer or reaching for an object above us, countless activities can result in hernias. Thankfully developing good movement habits (such as keeping your back straight and doing one thing at a time) can help minimize the likelihood that you’ll sustain an injury.

Lifestyle changes can help prevent hernia formation. If you’re worried about developing one, it’s essential to be mindful of the activities that may cause injury or strain your abdominal area. It’s also wise to adopt good movement habits and monitor how your body responds after performing strenuous physical tasks. And don’t forget to reach out to a hernia specialist.