Is card games with 3 decks possible? Learn the 21 card rummy


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Play 21 Card Rummy In The Correct Style

Are you a beginner in the world of Rummy? Then, of course, 21 Card Rummy will not be the ideal one to start with. You must enhance your skills by practising the basic games before playing this card. You will understand that three-deck Rummy is also possible by playing this particular style.

It requires the participation of a minimum of 2 players and can go up to a maximum number of six. Moreover, this highly challenging game needs the application of innovative strategies for a remarkable result. You will have to play with 3 decks, each containing 53 cards. Out of them, 1 card will be the Joker. So, basically, it is 52+1. Patience is the key factor if you wish to win this game. Every match will come with loads of surprises and challenges. You have to overcome all the difficulties and raise the levels.

Let us discuss the rules of 21 Card Rummy more elaborately to make you understand the concept.

Rules Of The Game In Brief

There is not much difference between the 21 Card Rummy and the basic game of Rummy. Typically, you will have to follow steps to play the Rummy games;-

  1. Picking the cards and discarding the suitable ones
  2. Stock up or discard the pile

But, along with these theories, some additional requirements are also there to play this special kind of Rummy. They are;-

  • Playing with lower and upper decks
  • Dublee
  • Tunnela

You must meld the cards for winning a match. Moreover, following some specific combinations is essential while carrying out this step. We give some instances of this rule. Read them thoroughly to clear out any doubt arising in your mind.

  • The number of pure sequences should be three, at the least. However, you can arrange the other cards as per your wish.
  • Divide eight dublees into different groups without thinking about the others. It is needless to form any separate sequence for the remaining cards.
  • Make one group for arranging eight jokers. Leave the remaining cards as it is.
  • Now form 3 tunnelas, at the minimum, to form different groups. The other cards will not require any specific pattern of arrangement.

Every losing player will get some negative points. At the end of the game, the winner will get the accumulated points of all the losing participants. The maximum point that one can lose is 120.

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