Dealing with Rodents: Check These Details

You may find rodents cute, but these pests can cause serious problems inside homes and buildings. In Georgetown, it’s more common to find mice and rats, and no matter how animal-friendly you are, you have to take measures immediately after finding initial signs of infestation. Instead of trying DIY hacks that never work, consider calling local pest control Georgetown. Here’s a list of things you need to know. 

Why worry about mice and rats?

Well, both mice and rats are known to carry diseases that can be fatal to humans. Common examples include rat-bite fever and salmonellosis. Just like some of us are allergic to mold and dust, some people are also allergic to mouse droppings. Rodents are scavengers and would eat anything. In search of food sources, rodents can travel far and often chew through containers and packages. Anything that has been touched by mice and rats should be considered contaminated. Rodents can damage wallboards, wallpaper, and insulation, and besides what you would pay in repair bills, you have to deal with the concern of electrical fires. 

Can you prevent rodents at home?

Texas weather is perfect for rodents to thrive, and despite your best efforts, these pests can enter your home. However, you can take steps like:

  1. Seal all possible entries to the house
  2. Repair existing damages without delay
  3. Spend on regular yard maintenance
  4. Don’t keep food within access. Keep counters clean and ensure that food is stored in airtight containers. 
  5. Keep garbage covered

Signs of rodents

Identifying the signs of rodents is not that hard. Look for things like: 

  • Unusual noises around the house, especially at night
  • Movement throughout walls
  • Shuffling noises in ceilings, basements, and attics
  • Fecal droppings
  • Unusual odor that refuses to go 

When to call pest control?

Once you have found the early signs of infestation, don’t delay calling pest control companies. Most local services in Georgetown would be happy to inspect your property for a small fee or for free, and you can get an estimate for the job. It can take many steps, including setting up traps, to get rid of these nasty pests, but the good part is you can get a warranty on the job. Make sure that the company does its best to reduce the environmental impact of its work and rely on safer methods and products. 

You can check online to find local exterminators in Georgetown.