CBD Tincture: A Comprehensive Guide

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural product extracted from the hemp plant. When you buy CBD tincture and gets absorbed into your system through various methods, it offers a range of benefits for your physical and mental health.

What is CBD Tincture?

CBD tincture is an oral supplement that you can mix with water or food for faster results. It can be used by anyone who wants to reap the benefits of CBD without having to worry about the unpleasant taste left behind from other methods of ingestion like smoking or vaping. Tinctures are most commonly made out of olive oil and alcohol (ethanol).

How CBD Tincture Works

CBD tinctures are used in the same way as any other supplement. The dosage is based on your tolerance and the desired affects you wish to have so be sure to follow the directions carefully. The most popular methods of taking CBD tincture include: sublingual, oral, topical, and vaporizing. To apply sublingually, you place a few drops under your tongue which then absorbs into your bloodstream directly through the blood vessels beneath your tongue. To take orally/sublingually, you place a few drops under your tongue and then swallow. When applied topically (CBD Lotion) or orally (CBD Capsules), CBD is absorbed through the skin or mouth respectively. Inhalation is another form of CBD administration. When vaporizing CBD, it is inhaled into the lungs and exhaled as an aerosol. The CBD in the product you are vaping then enters the bloodstream.

Why Should I Use CBD Tincture?

Tinctures offer an alternative way to ingest and absorb your daily dose of CBD. This method of ingestion allows you to directly control how much CBD you would like to consume in a single serving by adjusting the amount of drops poured into a drink or placed under your tongue. Additionally, using a typical dropper bottle, most users can easily measure out the amount of drops that they would like to use for their tincture dosage. Another way to take CBD tincture is via a spray which can easily be used in your mouth. It also allows you to easily administer the amount of CBD needed for the day. We carry a variety of brands that offer different ways to get the maximum dose of CBD you desire while offering some amazing benefits.

A capsule or liquid is another option but again allows the user to control how fast their body absorbs CBD and therefore how quickly they feel its effects. If taken sublingually, it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours for users to feel its complete effects which can vary depending on ingredients and potency levels. Tinctures with high amounts of CBD content will have less effect or none at all.