5 Home Remedies for Sinusitis

The sinuses which catch dirt and other particles which could cause illnesses might swell if you have an infection or allergic reaction. The sinus might feel tender or painful, leading to uncomfortable pressure. Although clearing your throat and nose might improve sinuses, inflamed sinuses are difficult to control and might not improve with nose clearing. You can try these sinus home remedies before finding a Newport Beach sinusitis expert who can treat the condition effectively.

Use Saline Nasal Spray

Inhaling a saline solution might improve the sinus as it clears the blocked nose. You would buy a nasal spray made for sinuses over-the-counter or make yours at home. You can use sterile water, salt, and baking soda to make a saline solution; you should combine a ¼ pint of sterile water, ¼ teaspoon (tsp) of salt, and ¼ tsp of baking soda. You may warm the solution to slightly above room temperature and sniff from cupped palms one nostril at a time. If sniffing does not alleviate sinus discomfort, you can use a spray bottle that directs the solution into your nose.

Stay Hydrated

You can drink enough water or run a vaporizer or humidifier as the water thins the mucus and drains the sinus. The water lubricates the sinus reducing inflammation and would keep your skin dry. Moreover, if you are sick, the water would improve your condition.

Use Steam

The steam improves sinusitis, and you can boil water, place it in a bowl, and steam your face. You would add menthol, essential oils, and eucalyptus oil into the water, then place the towel over your head and lean towards the hot water bowl. Ensure the towel falls on the bowl sides to trap the moisture towards your face. You would do this until the steam dissipates; you would use a hot bath or shower, but the effects would be less concentrated than steaming with a hot water bowl.

Chicken Soup

Although the efficiency of the chicken soup seems like an old wives’ tale, people claim that chicken soup alleviates sinusitis. Although the chicken soup might not have active ingredients which fight sinuses, they are served hot and might alleviate sinuses. Moreover, the chicken has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects.

Use Warm and Cold Presses

Rotating cold and warm presses on the sinuses might help alleviate the condition; place a warm compress draped across the nose, mouth, cheeks, and forehead for a few minutes. Then remove the cold press and replace it with a warm press for 30 seconds. The alternating cold press would alleviate sinusitis, and you may perform the alternating cold and warm presses several times to get the desired results.

Final Thought

Sinusitis makes the sinus muscles on the neck and throat swell, resulting from allergic reactions or infection. They make it hard for the sinus to function properly, reducing the ability to trap dirt from entering the body. Thus, it is better to care for the sinus to avoid associated infections. For instance, you would use nasal sprays, warm and cold compress, eat chicken soup, use steam and stay hydrated all the time. Good luck finding home remedies that work for sinuses.