5 Vital Reasons to See an Osteopath Today

Although few people are familiar with osteopaths or what they do, they could be an important part of your healthcare team in specific scenarios. Osteopathy is a type of medicine that focuses on specific muscles and other typical body concerns. Osteopathic specialist Dr. Ronald Hess in West Chester treats your body as a whole. He targets the physical signs and symptoms, as well as the psychological and emotional aspects of your condition.

Here are five typical indications that you should consult an osteopath:

1)      Spinal Issues

Osteopaths are frequently consulted for symptoms in the lower back and spine. Most spinal problems are caused by people leading sedentary lives, such as sitting in an office all day and not getting adequate exercise. Following a thorough examination, an osteopath will determine the underlying reason for your spinal problem and recommend the ideal care options.

2)      Neck Pain

Back discomfort is not the only thing that osteopaths specialize in. They have the clinical training to assist you with your entire body, including your neck. Neck discomfort is typically a symptom of a larger disease in your body, but it shows in your neck. Your neck ache could be caused by problems with your shoulder movement that you are not aware of. An osteopath could tell the difference and recommend the best treatment.

3)      Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are prevalent, particularly amongst players who do not allow enough time for their injury to heal before returning to play. Each injury is distinct; thus, it necessitates varied therapies and recovery durations.

Furthermore, according to the type of injury sustained, every patient will be addressed uniquely. In certain circumstances, your osteopath might recommend that you refrain from participating in any sports for some time, while in others, you may be able to keep playing. How effectively and quickly you heal largely depends on how well and quickly you follow your osteopath’s guidance.

4)      General Aches and pains

A lot of factors might cause pain and discomfort in your body. You may feel varying degrees of pain and aches based on your health records, age, lifestyle, and other factors. Holding a heavy bag to school daily, for instance, can cause pains and aches in a teenager. Osteopaths possess the clinical skills and experience to assess your entire body and determine the source of your discomfort.

5)      Women’s Well-Being

When a woman is pregnant, her entire body chemistry transforms. During this time, she will strain her joints and back. Such discomfort is a telltale indication that you should see an osteopath as soon as possible. Allow a specialist to assist you in making your pregnancy more bearable and pleasant.

Although there are various reasons to see an osteopath, do not delay visiting one until the issue worsens. Ronald Hess, MS, DO, and his highly skilled and experienced orthopedic team offers a full scope of osteopathic care. Whether you are struggling with migraines, tendonitis, sciatica, lower back pain, and more, they can help. To explore your treatment options and discover a care plan that works for you, call the West Chester, Ohio office or book an appointment online today.