Playing cards have always been fun for many peoples, whether it’s playing with your family or friends after gathering for a party time or stacked in any long journey. These are fun and even educational card games. You can make your gathering engaged by playing these various methods of card games. Based on the player’s age you can choose the game style. This game will always base on math calculations. Some of the fun game is here for your reference.

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  • Chase the Ace
  • Snap game
  • Crazy eight-game
  • Thirty-one game
  • Go fish



  • First, the dealer deals only one card and one card to each player. The card must remain face down, but the player can see the card. The purpose of the game is not to have the lowest card.
  • You need to hold a card with a face value of 10 or more. If you have a lower rank card, you will need to exchange it for the person on the left.
  • You have to start the game from the left side player; the dealer can start and trade with the person on the left side or discard the card and get a new card.
  • Chase the Ace is played with a 52-card deck and a minimum of 3 players, but with 4 or more players makes the game much more enjoyable.


  • This is a very simple game, especially for kids. You can play this game with at least 2 players. Distribute the 52 cards among the players evenly.
  • Players have to flip the card between them. When a player flips the same card as the other player they have to say ‘snap’. And they get all the cards, likewise, the game continues till the other players lose their deck of cards.



  • Crazy eight games are a little bit tough game for small kids. In this game, the player on the left side first flips cards from the center deck. Next, in your turn, flip a card that matches the cards in the discard pile. If there is no matching, you may play a card with the same value.
  • When a player plays a card of the same rank and changes pair, the next player must first try to combine that pair.



  • It is a fast and easy game to play. This game can be played by kids also. By playing this game, kids can practice addition with this.
  • The basic rule of this game is to collect your point to 31 using your cards. In the beginning, each player was provided with three cards. You will start playing the game by getting a card from the deck placed in the center by discarding one card from your hand.
  • You have to do this process till your card’s point reached 31. The person who is reaching 31 first is the winner.



  • This is a classic game. Each player has 5 or 7 cards with them. You have to start playing the game by demanding a card from the other player. When the other has that valued card they will give you. When they don’t have the card, they will tell ‘go fish’. Then you have to take a card from the deck.
  • When the taken card matches your demand, you can remove them and place them down.
  • The ultimate goal of this game is to get a pair for the entire card you are having. In the last, you should not have any cards with you to win the game.


Mark Girouard

Mark Girouard