This Christmas Buy your Favourite Barbecue at BBQs 2u Black Friday Deal

BBQs 2u is a leading barbecue and pizza oven retailer in the UK. It is a small family business, where three generations have shed their sweat to become a leading online retailer. Their passion for a barbecue can be seen on their website. Their website is loaded with the best products. They may have limited brands online, but whatever they sell are from the best and renowned brands like Kamado Joe, Ooni, Masterbuilt and Napoleon.  

The company was slightly dissatisfied with its sales during the pandemic when inventory, warehouse and supply were closed for a few months. However, digitization helped them uplift their sales in no time. 

One of the BBQs 2u team members stated, “We have been into the business since 2002, but never did we ever see such huge urge for barbecue grills among UK people. Ever since people came to know that they will have to stay indoors for another few months, their desire barbecue forced them to buy a grill for their homes.”

During COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurants may be shut down with some restaurants closing permanently, but people had solutions to every problem. Whether it is a small size portable grill or a huge king size grill machine, nothing could stop Britain barbecue lovers to smoke their meat in the backyard. 

Old town people bought traditional style Kamado Joe and Napoleon BBQs while Gen-Z were all into advanced Masterbuilt digital charcoal grill. 

Kamado Joe is an Asian traditional style thick ceramic wall grill. The huge thick walls keep the smoke and heat-sealed inside which maintains the moist and smoky flavour in the meat. There are various choices like Kamado Joe Classic 1, 2, and 3, the Kamado Joe Big Joe 2 and 3, and the Kamado Joe Kettle Joe. Customers buy models based on the number of people in the gatherings and the style they love. 

At the same time, Gen-Z is fascinated with the Masterbuilt Gravity series. Masterbuilt is a renowned barbecue brand in the USA since 1973. They launched their Gravity series in 2002. The Gravity Series Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker by Masterbuilt can be controlled with the digital control panel on the machine or with the smart device at home. The three models 560, 800, and 1050 differ in size. As the sizes increase, the number of grills/shelves increases as well in the machine. 

BBQs 2u keeps announcing contests and exclusive gifts or freebies with every model from various brands. With the Kamado Joe Classic model they give out free Kamado Joe Griddle, Kamado Big Block XL Lumpwood Charcoal 9Kg, Flamers Natural Firelighters, Kamado Joe Cast Iron Griddle, Kamado Joe Classic Cover, etc. With every Masterbuilt Gravity series, they add gifts like MasterBuilt 560 Official Cover, Restaurant ‘A’ Grade Lumpwood 12Kg, Kamado Joe Wood Chunks 4.5kg, Box of Flamers Natural Firelighters, etc.

Their loyal customers are excited about the Black Friday deals to avail offers and heavy discounts on their favourite products. This is the time when customers shop after waiting for a whole year. Check out their MasterBuilt 1050 Black Friday deal and also the Kamado Joe and Napoleon BBQs Black Friday deal.