How To Identify Signs And Symptoms Of An Alcoholic Person?

Alcoholism is a medical illness in which a person drinks regularly or heavily despite the negative impact it has on the person’s job, life, social life, physical health, and mental well-being. The symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on how frequently and how much alcohol is consumed over a period.

It is a brain disorder that might make it difficult for you to stop taking alcohol, even if you would want to do it. It is when one goes through the phases of alcohol withdrawal because they have become physically and emotionally dependent on the substance. Hence, it is important to identify the signs and symptoms of alcoholism to get professional help as soon as possible in rehab.

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Signs Of Alcoholism

You may be an alcoholic if you experience two or more of these signs, the severity may vary according to the symptoms.

  • Strong urge to drink.
  • Drinking more or for a longer period than you intended to.
  • Drinking more alcohol to feel its effects.
  • Drinking heavily or recovering from the effects of drinking.
  • Losing consciousness or unable to recall events after drinking.
  • Wanting to stop drinking or reduce your consumption but failing to do so.
  • Having disagreements with your family and friends due to drinking.
  • Drinking or being sick post-drinking is affecting your job life.
  • Unable to carry out your responsibilities at home or the workplace.
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms like nausea, tremors, sweating, insomnia, delirium tremens, anxiety, and depression as the alcohol effect starts to wear off.

Identifying the symptoms of alcoholism helps to diagnose the condition and get the necessary treatment at the earliest for yourself or someone you care about.