Fantastic ideas for a costume party And the Right Dresses

Kids adore dressing up, so getting an invitation to a fancy dress party happens to be a hot ticket piece at preschools and schoolyards everywhere! If you’re planning a Fat Thor Costume party for your child’s next birthday, the possibilities are unlimited, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Here are eight great ideas for organising a spectacular fancy dress birthday party that both kids and parents will appreciate.

Choose the type of fancy dress party you want to attend.

When planning a fancy dress party, the first thing you must decide is whether you will have a specific theme or a “dress as whatever you like” party.

While it may seem easier to leave the costume concept ‘free for all,’ having a theme is fantastic since it allows you to arrange the entire party around it, from the design of your invitations and decorations to the food you’ll serve on the party table.

Best party theme suggestions

A theme does not have to be complicated. In fact, you may keep it simple by holding a pink party where everyone and everything is dressed in pink. Choose something a little more particular, such as a superhero party.

If your youngster hasn’t already decided on a theme, here are some suggestions:

  • Bumble bees, butterflies, garden fairies, and lady bugs attend garden parties.
  • Pirates, everything and anything with crossbones and a skull on it, and rest of the swashbuckling dresses are encouraged to attend the pirate party.
  • Witches, Hogwarts students, wizards, captain america and dragons attend a Harry Potter celebration.
  • Mermaids, Ariel, mermen, and other sea creatures are invited to an undersea party.
  • Think tutus with wings, fairy costumes, and Tinker Bell dresses for a fairy party.
  • Pick a letter, say ‘F,’ and dress up as anything that begins with that letter – firefighter, fairy, or fortune teller.
  • Superhero party – Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Captain America Costume, or any other hero along with a cape is welcome.

Dress in your favourite colour from head to toe for a pink or purple celebration.

Make your invitations a theme.

If you’re throwing themed fancy dresses party, make sure you set the tone with a lovely invite in the theme’s design. For a garden party, for example, you could make invites that open up to form a butterfly.

Give plenty of notice.

Fancy dress parties require at least one week’s notice, if not more, than regular birthday parties. You don’t want to be known as the mother who dropped a costume party on all the other mothers at the last minute, leaving them with no time to make one or even buy one online.

Have a backup costume ready.

It’s a good idea to have an extra fancy dress suit on available in case a child arrives to the party without one. It only takes a mother to mistakenly ignore the fancy dress component on the invitation for a youngster to show up in regular clothes at a princess party. Have something on hand for dress-up emergencies, even if it’s just a spare fairy wand and some wings or a superhero cape.