Everything About Snowbirds – A Quick Guide to Snowbird Car Shipping

It is a common phenomenon for migratory birds to embark on a journey during different seasons. The reason is to find a better habitat or climatic condition. However, would humans adopt this pattern? The answer would be yes. Many elderly people from the northern regions of the US and Canada seem to shift to the southern parts due to harsh cold temperatures and snow. During this migration of weeks and months, they often bring their car along.

Driving the car is very tiring, and therefore companies like Ship a Car, Inc. make the process of shipping a car for snowbirds smooth and convenient without any damage to the pocket. They have over 30 years of experience in the auto transport shipping industry. They have excellent agents who help the clients throughout the whole process, right from finding the suitable carrier to the delivery. You can find their shipping services in the United States and cross country. You can also save money with their special discounts for seniors and snowbird groups.

Who Are Snowbirds?

Snowbirds are not some migratory birds who fly over from a distant land during winter to someplace of warm climate. They are humans who behave in the same way as those winter visitors. They have permanent houses in the north but temporarily shift to a different region for various reasons. It might be simply to avoid the snow and harsh climate, or for seasonal employment.

When Do They Travel?

You can expect the snowbirds to travel as soon as the temperature lowers down. That would be around the second half of September. Generally, their activities are fully in operation by the end of October. Sometimes they return for spending Christmas in the snow but immediately go back to the sunny and warm region. Then again during April or May, they return home.

What Are Their Options for Residing?

You may wonder where would they reside during the whole migration period. Well, you can stay on the camping grounds with RVs. You would get all the facilities you need here. Some even prefer to own or rent summer homes and give up their homes up north for renting during their absence. There are also several hotels and family resorts that welcome snowbirds. However, for the first few years, you can choose to travel to different places. Then you can settle down to a place you feel most comfortable at.

Tips and Tricks for Snowbirds to Have A smooth Car Shipping

  • Prepare for the shipping once you have confirmed the booking for lodging. You can request quotes from shipping companies and start planning. If there is no one to check the vehicle upon delivery, it is better to decide to take the delivery after you arrive.

It is a false belief that booking long before the schedule would help during the busy snowbird season. It is a highly unpredictable situation. You would be better off with a reservation a week ahead. You would get a guaranteed delivery date and also better prices.

When you estimate your shipping cost, you have to remember that various factors affect the total charges – distance, route, type of carrier, fuel, etc. You would have to pay more during the peak season than off-season.

You have to decide after considering all these factors at hand and the possible outcome.