Do These 7 Things for a Healthy Pregnancy

There is no doubt your body undergoes tremendous physiological and psychological changes during pregnancy. A mix of conflicting emotions floods your mind, and it is vital to discern the myths from the truth. The internet is not short of prenatal advice. However, most of the advice is fictitious or outright bizarre. In that light, we spoke to Physicians for Women – Melius, Schurr & Cardwell. They offer holistic obstetrics and gynecology services to understand what a woman should do for a healthy pregnancy. Here is a summary of the things to do for a healthy pregnancy.

1. Schedule prenatal visits

Immediately you suspect you are pregnant, notify a certified obstetrician to begin your prenatal journey. Early care is pivotal to detecting any pregnancy complications and avoiding future problems. It is never too early to start your visit, although many women wait until the end of the first trimester to schedule their first visit.

2. Exercise

Get moving. Exercise is good for the baby and also for you. Exercising your body improves blood circulation to the growing fetus and delivers nutrients to foster its growth. However, avoid high-intensity exercises that may strain or damage your body. Don’t overdo exercise. Kegel exercises are a great start before you seek an obstetrician’s advice for a pregnancy conducive exercise regimen.

3. Eat healthy foods

A healthy diet is a significant success factor for pregnancy. Incorporate nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, folate-rich foods, legumes, and seafood. Resist snacking on your cravings, especially fatty foods. Also, remember to hydrate.

4. Supplement your diet

Multivitamins and other supplements provide much-needed nutrients to supplement your regular diet. However, limit the multivitamins. Contact an obstetrician to determine which supplements are suitable for your current situation based on your nutrient readings.

5. Write a pregnancy plan

Liaise with your midwife or caregiver to develop a personal pregnancy plan that includes exercises, prenatal visits, dates, and reading of vital signs. A pregnancy plan enhances monitoring progress and can be anything from a simple calendar mark-off to a fully customizable pregnancy log.

6. Hold off baby shopping

Contrary to widespread practice, it is not wise to begin baby shopping early during your pregnancy. Don’t worry; you won’t be late. Baby shopping will take a toll on your mental energy, which you significantly need during pregnancy. Alternatively, you can have your spouse or close relative help with the baby shopping. Just ensure they have good clothing taste.

7. Take regular breaks

Expectant women are given a maternal break to decouple from intensive work schedules. Before even your maternity leave, you can take frequent breaks to de-stress and prepare for your baby’s birth. Leaves are not meant to brood, instead take regular walks, listen to relaxing music and engage in many DIY crafts.

Things to Avoid

  • Smoking
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Eating fatty foods


Motherhood is a blissful experience. Holding that bundle(s) of joy in your hand is a divine moment every pregnant woman wishes for. Schedule an appointment with Physicians for Women experts for personalized care during pregnancy. The center provides women-specific treatment and preventive care to suit every woman’s needs.