Cradle of Goth and the story of Gothic Fashion 

Gothic clothing is characterized by dark, antique, homogeneous, mysterious, and frequently genderless pieces. It is the typical fashion of the members of the Goth subculture, but it is famous among young people these days. Dyed black hair, exotic haircuts, dark or black lipstick, and black apparel are all examples of classic gothic fashion. Both men and women wear makeup like thick eyeliner, dark nail varnish, and dark lipstick. With the surge in popularity of this fashion, numerous big names like Cradle of Goth are serving their customers with top-notch outfits for all occasions. 

How did gothic fashion begin? 

Dark colours dominate the aesthetics of gothic clothing fashion. During the Middle Ages, sailors and individuals linked with churches and cathedrals donned such clothes. Knee-high buckled shoes, a huge hat and long coat, knee-length breeches or bucket topped boots were the elements to put together such an outfit. Women wore clothing items similar to men, but they used to stay barefooted. The top female accessories were belts, and they preferred to keep their long skirts from trailing on the ground. 

The rise in popularity of gothic fashion 

Gothic fashion made a major comeback in England in the early 1980s. Previously, it had thrived in its real form between 1200 and 1450 AD. At this time, the clothing line was kept simple yet graceful compared to the Gothic clothes worn during the Romanesque period.

Further, fashion styles evolved with time to refine the clothing items we see today. From the rigid padded doublets and tight belts, it emerged into a fashion that utilized materials like dark lace, gloves, fishnets, and more. 

Gothic fashion – the current scenario 

The use of social media has raised awareness of gothic fashion trends, but it has also changed the expectations and dynamics within the Goth community. Some devotees feel that things are not the same as Gothic fashion is no longer an organic trend but a deliberate brand. It is why several brands like Cradle of Goth are emerging in many parts of the world to provide the world with quality products. 

Irrespective of what the devotees say, goth attires continue to rock the world. People are drawn to the dark and mysterious yet romantic vibe of the culture and the clothing. Some people even say that it is like a ‘much-needed’ break from the overly colourful and false world that society forces them to live in. Living with gothic norms is equivalent to breaking free of the ties and embracing the darkness that brings life.