5 Reasons To Get Your Broken Teeth Fixed ASAP

A broken or chipped tooth can take away your confidence to smile and talk publicly. There are several causes of broken teeth, including eating candies, falling accidents, ice cubes, and other complicated things that cause cavities and tooth injuries. However, you rely on the restorative dentistry in Palm Harbor, FL, to fix your broken teeth. Although getting your teeth fixed may not be a priority; however, there are several reasons why you should consider it ASAP. This article highlights the top 5 reasons to fix your teeth now. Here we go! 

Reasons To Fix Your Broken Teeth 

1. Your smile becomes attractive 

A chipped tooth is a matter of concern as it can impact your confidence. The chipped tooth affects your confidence as it brings a massive difference to your smile appearance. Whether it is a small or big chip, it can be quite noticeable. To correct your smile’s appearance, you must fix your broken teeth. 

2. Broken teeth cause sensitivity 

Besides affecting your smile appearance, your broken teeth are a prime reason for tooth sensitivity. When you experience a chipped tooth, it reduces nerve insulation within your teeth and any hot and cold drinks. This gives rise to teeth sensitivity and increases pain in areas of chipped teeth. 

3. It cuts the tongue and cheeks 

Another major reason why you should fix your broken teeth at the earliest possible is because it poke and cut your tongue and cheeks. This causes pain and bleeding in your cheeks and tongue. Although it is not extremely painful, dealing with such cuts can be annoying. Thus, get it fixed at the earliest possible. 

4. Bite and jaw problems 

Your mouth is designed to perform several mouth functions on an everyday basis. It allows you to bite, chew, swallow, and talk to everyone. If you have a broken tooth, mouth functioning becomes a task. Along with this, you will also encounter biting problems as the teeth will not fit together. If not treated timely, it may also lead to teeth-grinding problems.

5. Risk of infection and decay 

Chipped and broken teeth have a higher chance of infection and decay than healthy teeth. Your teeth need a smooth surface so bacteria and germs cannot attack them. Any chipped areas can easily become a feeding spot for bacteria, causing decay and infection. 

Final Words

If you have a broken tooth, you must visit your dentist to get it fixed. These are the top five reasons you must fix your teeth as soon as possible.